reebok-logo-combo 2Many companies ask about the longevity of their brand and when is it time to rebrand their business. Many factors come into play.

While some brands have gone for years, even centuries, without going through a full rebrand of their business others, others don’t seem comfortable in their own skin. Many times a company’s brand is solid, it’s the execution that falls short.

Often companies believe that they have fallen into a rut and need to rebrand themselves to increase sales.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reason for considering a rebrand should be based on significant changes in any or all of the following business initiatives.
• A change in the structure of the business, i.e., product line, business categories
• A change in how you conduct business, i.e., geographic growth from domestic to global
• Value proposition
• Customer experience
• Company purpose
• Change in ownership
• Inability to differentiate your firms within the competitive marketplace
• Acquisition of competing brands

Case in point, Adidas acquired the Reebok and immediately rebranded it to fit within the Adidas stable of brands.  To accomplish this Reebok was established as the fitness brand with Adidas as the team sports partner rather than its competitor. At that point, Reebok severed all professional team sports relationships and focused on becoming a fitness brand. During the rebranding process, Reebok aligned itself with CrossFit, yoga, dance, and aerobics as a means of growing the business.

This is an excellent representation of how to add brands to a house of brands to allow them to co-exist through rebranding. In other circumstances, acquisitions are added that evolve into an existing branded house that retains none of their previous identity allowing them to leverage the equity of the house itself.

As you can see, many components are examined when considering a rebrand. From aesthetics to points of view and brand voice, they are all important and need to work together to create the most compelling experience.