For many years business leader have been asked ”what keeps you up at night.”  Rather than focusing on what many times are either issues that are out of your control, a better approach is to focus on “what wakes you up in the morning.”  Initiatives or strategies that excite you are more than likely to result in long term solutions that cause change, sustainability and focus on the core of your business.  Companies and their leaders that view through this lens can create a statement that demonstrates the company’s passion rather than just what it is selling at that point.
Companies that continually seek out their passions are the ones that engage with their customers on the highest level.  They go beyond selling to their customers, they become part of their cultures and eventually become synonymous with their customer base.
Highly effective examples can be experienced with companies like Tom’s Shoes, Whole Foods, Apple and Nike.  They each identified themselves with their target audience to engage with them on subjects that are near and dear to their hearts.  Many of these companies continue to support their passions not only through causes, but they have identified cultural issues that they can solve through their products.  This results in developing a brand thats engagement sells as well as identifying product  attributes.  This relationship also provides a platform for companies to develop products in the future based on conversations in its community.
In short, defining your purpose and living it everyday, will result in creating energy for yourself and in your business that also identifies with your audience.