SEO or search engine optimization is getting a lot of attention these days among marketing managers.  The mistake that I keep finding is that in many cases, companies that have their entire marketing focus on having high search engine positions have provided a “bridge to nowhere” for themselves resulting in high bounce rates and dwindling times on their site.  Content continues to be overlooked as well as the possibilities of an integrated marketing process that allows companies to interact with potential customers from a variety of channels providing inbound links.

In order to truly leverege social media, a companies web site needs content that is informative, interesting, helpful and links to its social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter).  More importantly the content needs to relevant to the needs of the target market, not necessarily product or sales oriented.  This is an effective way to build brand awareness as well as position the company as experts in their industry. This strategy allows for the development of brand advocates as well as creating a following with in social media circles.