As today’s current teens enter the next decade, they will dictate the way we communicate    as well as engage with each other.  This group will evolve from a secondary market to a prime driver of economy, technology and innovation.  These teens will also push new technologies and channels for communications as they make their preferences main stream.

Traditionally, the youth of the day have provided a vision of what will be mainstream in years to come.  Communication channels are no exception. This market continues to move at a faster pace demanding information at a faster pace.   As the masses have adapted to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, teens have already moved onto the next step by adapting to geotracking alternatives such as Foursquare to allow for flashmobs and other highly social experiences. Through the use of smartphone technologies, 2D barcoding has engaged today’s youth to interact real-time with their favorite brands in the most viral of situations.

Just as we are just getting used to the idea of SMS text messaging, our next generation of consumer is past that and embracing new web technologies that allow phone text messages to be sent via the internet thus bypassing cell phone providers resulting in substantial savings.  As you can see, brands can a learn a great deal of what will be main stream in the future by looking to today’s youth to see how markets will evolve in the future.