Typically businesses have looked at branding from two perspectives.  One being a visual, where a company’s logo or identity system has traditionally communicated the “look” of the company when communicated to a target audience. The second is more from a verbal or messaging point of view.  With the advent of the Internet, brands and branding has changed, as we know it.

There is now a third dimension to brand development.  Brands that leverage their assets throughout the Internet, now have the capability to receive instant feedback from their brand decisions and strategies.  This valuable information can be used to position a brand swiftly and effectively, taking advantage of situations and opportunities as they arise.  Additionally, brands have the opportunity to create an experience that reflects the interaction and engagement that is now available thus affecting the overall business plan of the company.  Furthermore, it allows brands to recruit brand stewards that can champion a brand from a third party position further broadening a brand’s influence.

It is this third dimension that will significantly influence a brand’s reputation, experience and market acceptance as they build towards sustainability and the Internet evolves.