For as long as people have been trading services and producing products, there has been a battle between sales and marketing.  Sales are measured against short segment quantitative reporting and do not relate to long term sustainable planning. However, marketing’s strength is one that charts a course that can stand the test of time and provide a plan that can weather turbulent times.

As we look more closely, the two outcomes are more perpendicular than parallel. As with many strategies there are exceptions to the rule.  However, based on the fact that sales structures are dependent on quantitative facts the method disallows much flexibility or proactive adjustments and is highly based on market conditions.

Whereas marketing is a much more proactive approach that drives customers to a brand and its influences.  Based on the leveraging of a brand’s assets, a much broader market penetration can be achieved resulting in a more efficient business structure.

With the advent of the Internet and especially social media marketing centric companies versus sales focused organizations, companies are able to target market without having to rely on one-to-one inefficient selling processes.  In addition, the Internet provides a platform for continual contact with a company’s target customer.