Better, bigger, stronger, faster….you get the idea, all adjectives. Everyone is better just ask them!  Using adjectives like these without a supporting statement makes them unbelievable and can be detrimental to a brand.  Saying your business is faster without factual content such as “why”, is of no use to potential customers. Whereas a factual reason along with proof can separate your brand from your competition.  This strategy also allows a business to defend its brand as well as create a new benchmark as a leader in the industry.

Separation of your brand is what every business should be striving for.  Defining what makes your business different is where brand definition begins.  This allows companies to carve out their place in the market where they can state their case in demonstrating their unique capabilities to potential customers.

So in the future, before you say “we are better or faster” or any adjective that ends with “er”, think about what qualifies those claims to fame.  It will bring much more credibility to what you are communicating.