As most companies trudge forward going down the same safe, mundane path they rarely if ever take the time to look at themselves from different perspectives.  What I call thinking at 90 degrees, refers to looking from outside one’s company and developing new innovations and then finding the point at which the company’s traditional thinking and new innovation cross paths.  This is how companies like GE “bring good things to life”.

Not unlike the ways in which progressive companies like Apple, invent new innovative products that use existing technologies and manufacturing techniques, where new ideas cross with established assets.  It is this “out of the box” thinking that creativity must push to enable companies to leverage their existing assets in a new.  Its a matter of looking at problems from a new and different angle, perpendicular from traditional and however radical that creates breakthrough ideas.  Open minds that embrace this thought process possess the vision to see how and where the paths cross and can see where this intersection can be leveraged to best advantage.

Regardless of the product or service innovation is there if only you can see it from where you stand.