With the economy in the shape that it’s in, spending on marketing has shrunk to some of its lowest in years.  Because of this, companies have demanded that their dollars go further and be more effective.  As creatives, it is even more important that we are innovative with our assignments when they do come along.  It is no longer good enough to only follow what has been done before or create in a vacuum.  In order to be of value to a business, creatives must offer unique solutions and strategies that can make a measurable difference in a companies sales growth, market share increase and brand awareness.  Creating and taking advantage of new technologies and channels of communications will be equal to the design of the message that is used in them.

This can only be accomplished by developing new strategies that are functional and on message without true creativity suffering.  In fact, it will allow for creatives to position themselves as a good return on investment versus being an unnecessary evil that they sometimes are viewed. In addition it will help design firms position them selves as an investment instead of overhead.  Only then, can that the creativity and innovation that the design industry has to offer can be looked upon in a positive light.