As marketing, brand development and advertising evolves now and in the future, the tasks that creatives are required to perform has evolved.  Innovation has become a critical part of the process for new creatives.  Keeping up with the latest software programs are not enough.  Clients are feverishly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and creatives have the task to make that happen.   Assignments now need to transcend all technologies and are multi channels solutions that must be based on ideas that cause results, not just win awards.  Creative staffs are increasingly looked upon to create ideas that develop the next marketing channel, not just and ad or brochure.

It is this pioneering thinking that will separate new creative individual ideas versus an over populated group that can only operate software and doesn’t solve issues for businesses.  As the economy rebounds, and the world becomes a much smaller place, it will be imperative that creatives separate themselves from present technology constraints and embrace what can be, instead of what was, always pushing the envelope and looking outside their box.  Emerging will be creative thinkers that construct solutions without boundaries and will be involved with businesses at a much sooner benchmark in the growth and development of companies.